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Edison Award Winner!

MGC's OpenGN system won the 2013 Gold Edison Award.

2013 Edison Awards Gold Winner


Saving Lives and Protecting Property in More Than 50 Countries Worldwide

Mircom Technologies Ltd.

Mircom™ is the principal brand of the Mircom Group with a diverse range of Fire Alarm, Communications and Security systems that span the requirements of small business to large industrial and campus applications.

MGC is the largest independently owned fire life safety manufacturer in North America / Canada.

We’ve built our business by exceeding our customer’s expectations for system performance, value, reliability and support in the life Safety and Communications industry.

Mircom life safety and communication systems are at work protecting millions of people, in thousands of facilities, in more than 50 countries around the world.

Outside of the USA and Canada, MGC Systems International Limited brings first-class product support to foreign markets via established (ESD) Engineered System Distributors, strategically situated in Asia, India, Middle East & Latin America.

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Mircom Products Overview

Mircom is heavily involved in the communication, security and building automation industries:

Mircom also has a number of product groups in our life safety division:

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